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How to use the help of recruitment agencies in job searching. Part 3.

Article #6: How to use the help of recruitment agencies in job searching. Part 3.

How to use the help of recruitment agencies in job searching. Part 3.

Often, after the dismissal a person is in a depressed state. If you have any problems with employment, it is important to find an assistant. Of course, not in every staffing agency work magicians who can easily pick up vacancies for their clients.

Help to find work!

A good agency differs from doubtful firm that cooperates directly with partner employers, constantly studies a situation in the companies and at the enterprises quickly to deliver to employers of the necessary experts. This is the serious, laborious work that requires professionalism. Much easier to give the visitor an anxious search earnings multiple addresses and immediately after receiving the fee to terminate all relations with him or fend off misled client like from "importunate fly".

Besides, quite often swindlers publish very appetizing vacancies-baits, trying to sell information about it to the greatest possible number of people. Certainly, then it will become clear that you bought or outdated, or in general fabricated data but while you are going on the wrong track, charming girls and young people, having reaped a plentiful financial harvest, will have time to change a dislocation place to continue profitable business under a new sign.

For certain, if you long time looked for work, you had to observe how on any site some months in a row regularly published the announcements inviting experts to positions extremely demanded at your colleagues. Wondering why so scarce positions so long remain free, you guessed. Probably, the choosy employer actually couldn't pick up employees arranging it. But the probability that before you there were the baits placed by crooks for collecting a tribute from jobless representatives of your profession.

Be curious is profitable.

The only way to avoid the role of the defrauded simpleton - do not be afraid to ask "professional sellers happiness" specific questions; and from the very first minutes of communication and up to the moment when you open your wallet o leave with the required sum.

In the interview process on the behavior of the manager can try to understand whether he is interested in the solution of your problem. Ask him to give details of vacancies and potential employers. Find out what services are provided by the agency. Reputable companies successfully operating in the field of recruitment, as a rule, are not limited to the selection of that you will be taken in hand by the born actor and rhetorician, but about half of the known cases organizers of similar scams don't trouble themselves with serious masking, relying on gullibility of the people with whom they have to deal. From too curious in the doubtful offices prefer to get rid of as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary problems: why to risk if behind doors there is a queue of the customers willing to give money for impressive promises without wasting words!

By all means find out from the representative of the personnel center for what you will pay and what result to you is guaranteed by firm. With you are obliged to sign the contract for rendering services in employment; have to be spelled out promises which were given by words.

Pay attention as the office to which you came looks. Certainly, European-quality repair and existence of expensive office equipment aren't proofs of reliability of the company on 100%, but after all it indirectly testifies that you at least didn't get to a short-lived trap for trustful citizens. It is good if the agency has the site on the Internet and it works more than first year. Look for comments on him on online forums.

If possible try to trace with what frequency the firm publishes the advertisements, what vacancies are offered to potential clients and how competently composed text ads.

You can refer to several institutions to find their recruiter: the most suitable for you and interested in working with you. If this tandem will be created and will bring success, even getting a job, do not lose contact with a person who has already proved his professionalism. But do not forget that, hoping on experts from the recruitment agency, it is important to continually improve your qualifications, only then you are guaranteed success!

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