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How to use the help of recruitment agencies in job searching. Part 2.

Article #5: How to use the help of recruitment agencies in job searching. Part 2.

How to use the help of recruitment agencies in job searching. Part 2.

Often, after the dismissal a person is in a depressed state. If you have any problems with employment, it is important to find an assistant. Of course, not in every staffing agency work magicians who can easily pick up vacancies for their clients.

Paid employment.

Certainly, from the ethical point of view the situation when the firm asks money for the services from the person, who has lost a regular salary, looks a little ambiguously. But such union is favorable to both parties. Judge for yourself: there is a team of staff specializing on the help to those who lost work, and there are the people who feel their own irrelevance. Both the first and the second are interested in each other and ready to cooperation.

The agency on search of the elite personnel agrees to sign the contract far not with everyone. In the beginning to you will suggest to send the resume, and only if in the company understand that you are perspective for them, to you will make an appointment. The client of service on employment to become much simpler: most likely, already during the first phone conversation you will be invited in office for carrying out interview and signing of the contract.

Of course, you will need some serious investments to promote you as a candidate in the recruitment market. But in this case you are "a business friend". In other words, you are not one of the hundreds of profitable lots for sale, , on the contrary, you set a task to recruiters. Over cooperation with the agency you will be qualified to provide the necessary support, which may include:

- search of the vacancies corresponding to your requirements;

- drawing up and sending resumes to potential employers;

- psychological preparation for interview (including in a format of specialized trainings);

- consultation on questions of an execution of an employment agreement and passing a probation.

Of course, you will be helped and in free agency, but for this purpose as it was already told, it is necessary to be perfect "legionary". If at this point there is no suitable vacancy, of your existence simply forget to better times. But in the Employment Service to the customer usually attach a personal manager who leads him to the goal, as they say, to the bitter end (or until the expiry of the contract which the unemployed signed with service provider).

Therefore it is better to cooperate with the hired "getters work" in the format of "reward for the result." With this method of interaction when applying to the agency you do not pay anything, but the obligation to sign up: after successful employment for a certain period of transfer intermediaries part salary. In this case it is profitable to HR-manager as soon as possible to get fixed up you in a remunerative place to get a profit.


Among the firms rendering paid services in employment, there are a lot of such which already managed to help thousands of people to return to offices and shops. But it is necessary to realize that this business is attractive and to all sorts of swindlers. Some of them manage to take money both from competitors, and from employers, and actually cheat also that and others. Therefore always there is a probability of that you in vain devastate the family budget, having spent the unlimited sum for registration in an artificial database or having paid interview with obligatory questioning which in practice won't approach you to desired work even on a step.

There are organizations, whose experts only "simulate" heavy activity. Their only purpose is to sign the next visitor on a package of expensive services. After several months when period of validity of the contract will end, you will start strenuously over again to feed with fables about a certain mythical vacancy, which supposedly already on the way. Quite often unfair recruiters offer clients unreliable information or present as exclusive the data taken from public sources. But after all you independently can find these phones and addresses on specialized sites and in the solid printing editions devoted to issues of employment!

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