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It looks like you are going to be dismissed! How to defuse the situation?

Article #1: It looks like you are going to be dismissed! How to defuse the situation?

It looks like you are going to be dismissed! How to defuse the situation?

If on your workplace you suddenly began to receive signals that work can "sail out" of hand, do nothing in this situation is the most wrong thing that you can think out.

Here's how advises to act in such incomprehensible situations in the pages of U.S. magazine USNews & World Report, Alison Green, a specialist psychologist on staff.

1. Put aside your wounded "I". Certainly, there is a wish to be protected against criticism. However, concentrating on idea of protection or on representation that your chief is a real madcap, or the tyrant, or he indeed makes a mistake, - you can prevent to analyze current situation objectively. Cases when everything could be settled are known, but it didn't occur as someone is not ready to be criticized, putting up a barrier on its way. Even if your chief of a tyrannical warehouse of character, you only do much harm to yourself if can`t listen to remarks with open soul.

2. Remove the "I" further away and direct feet to the manager, having rejected a defensive rack. Tell the chief: you know that with you are dissatisfied, and you would like council to improve the indicators. The speech not protecting itself even if finally you are convinced that he is mistaken. Such step is necessary to hear the chief, he's right or not, if the boss is wrong, you need to hear completely the answer for choice further actions.

3. Whatever you think about the appraisal of the chief, the reality is such that the boss has a weighty idea of whether you fit this job or no. So, now when you know the opinion of management, you should answer two questions: whether cope with the fact of what you are asking; and whether you are ready to do it? There is no reason to move away from an honest answer.

4. In certain cases, the rejection of defense, sincere attention to the observations of the manager, the recognition that there is some truth, can help turn a negative tendency back. Cases when workers from very weak indicators in work achieved exclusive progress are known. You shouldn't forget about it.

5. In other situations, you may decide that you are not ready do what the boss insists or do not have desire do it. If you share the opinion with the boss about the absence of good prospects in this job, there is one relatively unconventional, but often surprisingly effective, approach to the problem. Return to the chief with a statement: "Thank you for your honesty. I wish try to improve performance, but it seems that we should to be realistic due to the prospect that it may not work. I would like to know if we could consider a smooth transition for both of us in the event of my dismissal. Would not you against the continuation of the work with me while I begin to search a new place? This would help me, and you will have an opportunity to find a replacement, and I'll help successor quickly acquainted with the conditions of work. "

As a rule, managers have no objections in such situation - who wants to dismiss the employee if it can be avoided? Having made the similar proposal to the administration, you increase chances of that all will pass exactly in such way. So you will have time to find a new place of job, you should not later have to explain the reasons for dismissal there; and you can control the situation.

But before acting such way to be clear about the culture of relations in the company and set your manager, as can be heard in response to that, he says: "It looks to me that you want to be fired, well, we agree." So, proceed with caution.

Regardless of what way you will choose, above all, be honest with yourself and take everything with an open mind. Do not ignore the alarm in the hope that you somehow manage "to slip through". Take an active position, know, there is nothing to be hesitated if it isn't possible to subdue something; solve the problems, without evading responsibility!

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