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How to improve work's efficiency? Part 1.

Article #2: How to improve work's efficiency? Part 1.

How to improve work's efficiency? Part 1.

Long ago it is considered that lazy, sloven and lax person gets tired faster, than people tightened and purposeful. It is also known, as overall performance at the organized one is much better. Such people take more pleasure from results of own activity.

There are couple simple rules that will help you to work more efficaciously:

I see the purpose and do not see hindrances...

Many people are diddling time and outlaying energy only because do not imagine the goal. While they are constantly doing anything, they become busy and tired, even more than if they were directly involved in achievement their purpose. If you aren't sure what do you want, so you will not get it. You can persuade yourself that in the deficiency of the purpose "any wind is passing" but when the current and a casual gust will break your vessel about rocks, you will want to return at once time back and float to the another side.

Concentrate on the essential.

At the end of the day of work compile what you will need to do tomorrow. Start the register with the most significant and valuable. And do not recede until all things won't be perform in order. So at the end of the list there have to be affairs not important and not urgent. The last of it even shouldn't be done.

Respect personal and others' time.

Chatter, amateurishness and irresponsibility still added to nobody authority and didn't help to achieve the wishful things.

Directly to the deal!

Leave uncertainty for ordinary amateurs. In order to concentrate at the work try to start with actions that are not multiple, don't take a lot of time, at the same time it is still necessary to make it. All preparations should be realized the day before.

Think up incentives to yourself.

Everyone better do what he likes to do. Therefore, you have to convince yourself that the thing that "should" be executed is "want and pleasant" to perform. Moreover and the result is "excellent." This can make the work more efficacious.

Do not get bogged down in phone talks.

Before the call, decide what exactly information is necessary get or transmit. Within this framework and lead the conversation. Don't do from a business conversation optional chatter?

You can say "no".

If it is not so, try to learn out how you should do it. Differently you will involve in affairs which aren't necessary to you and aren't interesting, but it is simple because it is uncomfortable for you to refuse. If wants to help anybody with boring work - spend on it only time, free from your direct duties and regard as a relax period during f the work.

Get an organizer.

Buy notebook, dairy or pocket planner. Don't overload the memory with trifles. The sooner you find out how to write down the names, phone numbers, location of people and organizations, meeting dates, impressions and plans, the less chaos will left in your head. The question: "What else I supposed to do today?" - will stop being actual since that moment as there is an answer to it in your organizer.

At first, there is business and only then - pleasure.

Friends and the colleagues, liking to chat and narrate jokes and anecdotes can improve mood, but it hardly will help you to concentrate at work. When you should execute something promptly, try to distract from conversations and be engaged in business. So if everything is already done, you can distract on jokes. So as not tortured conscience, consider it a short-term stay in the style of "change of a kind of activity."

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