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How to use the help of recruitment agencies in job searching. Part 1.

Article #4: How to use the help of recruitment agencies in job searching. Part 1.

How to use the help of recruitment agencies in job searching. Part 1.

Often, after the dismissal a person is in a depressed state. If you have any problems with employment, it is important to find an assistant. Of course, not in every staffing agency work magicians who can easily pick up vacancies for their clients.

But in one team with true professionals searching for certain becomes more effective and psychologically comfortable. It is important to choose only true associates...

Employment process requires massive action by the applicant. You must use every opportunity to cling to the suitable place, so the recruitment agency should be considered as one of the useful resources that needs to be involved.

In other words, finding a job by any means, except inefficient.

Having taken this position, you will avoid disappointment and certainly will be able to advantage maximum benefit from the cooperation with experts. Besides, when there are real professionals, they indeed have something to offer you.

In one sheaf with the pro.

A significant number of announcements about "attractive" job published in the press and on the Internet by HR-centers. Even if today the recruiters will not find anything suitable for you, do not think that the time to communicate with them wasted. Filling in the form at the agency, you automatically get to its database. This can be compared with a subscription to electronic mailing, but the only difference is that you will receive not booklets and catalogs, but proposals for prospective vacancies. There were cases when to the person who once has addressed in the good personnel center, and five years later the curator sent him tempting vacancies.

By the way, it is very useful to improve friendly relations with the employees of the institution: in such companies often work real experts. An experienced specialist will help you quickly understand the situation on the recruitment market and prepare for an interview, consult on important issues related to employment. Recommendations of experienced HR-manager would be very useful at all stages: from resume writing before signing the contract and passing probation.

Happens and so that to the person who has come to agency unexpectedly suggest to try an allied industry. Generally, in good personnel "supermarket" for certain there will be the goods suitable you and interviewing should be considered as excellent training before interview with the employer.

What agencies exist?

Conditionally they can be divided into two groups: HR departments and the companies on staff recruitment. The difference between them consists in the one whom they consider as the customer and, respectively, who pays to them money for the done work. For the first, it is the jobless applicant: that is you. While headhunters and recruitment of staff start headhunting commissioned by corporate clients, mastering existing budgets in many organizations designed to address staffing issues. Applicants of the appointment that fall into the orbit of the interests of such establishments, as a rule, do not incur any costs.

However, to attract the attention of a headhunter, you must be the prevailing professional from the category of those about whom they say: "valuable employee." These include managers, engineers, researchers, skilled workers, etc.

Also you have to know that the specialized centers contacting, for example, only to journalists and employees of mass media operate on the market, with representatives of the house personnel, restaurant employees or medical workers etc. If you are the professional of a narrow profile, just makes sense to apply to this type of office. There to you with a much bigger share of probability will be able to help, than in the usual staffing agency which doesn't have well-established relationships in this branch of community.

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